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The female lays several hundred eggs in her lifetime. These are laid just a few at a time onto host animals, very quickly falling off into dust, bedding, carpets or upholstery. They rest and develop for 2 – 10 days before emerging as eyeless, legless worm-like larvae with 13 body segments and chewing mouth parts.

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  • Our recommendation for vacating the premises after the pest control treatment is (4) hours. In the case of those with respiratory problems (e.g. asthma, allergies and hypersensitivity to chemicals), we recommend a longer period.
  • Upon your return, open all windows and doors to ventilate the premises.
  • You may notice a slight odour from our treatment materials.
  • Where a residual spray has been applied (inside), it is done so to control the remaining insects and also prevent the pests from re-establishing themselves. Generally there are no household preparations required.
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The larvae feed on pet and human skin cells in dust and other detritus found in carpets and bedding around where the host (human or pet) lives. It will pupate and then lie dormant (often for several months) until it detects the presence of a host by heat and vibrations. The adult will then quickly emerge and hop onto the host where it will begin to feed by biting and sucking blood. Once the adult flea has finished feeding on its blood meal, it will drop off the host and find a place to hide until it is hungry again. They usually hide in bedding areas but can live anywhere they can find shelter, even outside in warmer months. Adult fleas spend more time off the host than on, this is one reason treatment of the host’s living areas are as important as treating the animal. Adult fleas can jump distances up to 200 times their body length – this is the equivalent of an adult human jumping 400 metres!

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Please ensure the following requirements are carried out:

  • Carpets and floors must be THOROUGHLY VACUUMED either 1 day before, or on the day of the treatment. Pay particular attention to edges and behind and underneath furniture. This vacuum bag should be disposed of immediately.
  • Remove ALL clothes, shoes, toys, magazines, small pot plants, etc. from the floor – including under beds and in wardrobes.
  • Pet bedding should be washed and dried either on the day of treatment or the following day.
  • Pets should receive an effective flea treatment within 2 days of our treatment.
  • Pets should then be regularly treated to avoid re-infestation.
  • The carpets should be lightly brushed with a broom between (4) and (24) hours after treatment. This help penetration of the material into the carpet pile.

After Flea Treatment

  • Carpets should NOT be vacuumed for 7 days after treatment. Do NOT vacuum carpet edges for as long as possible (up to 1 month).
  • If you have young children, place a blanket on the floor for them to sit/play on (for the next 4 days).
  • Humans, particularly babies or children, should not walk or crawl on carpets with bare feet or hands) i.e. no skin contact until after the next vacuuming.
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Ongoing flea Prevention Measures Include:

It can take 3-4 weeks for the flea population to disappear (which is about the life expectancy of adult fleas). It is not possible to stop dogs and cats occasionally bringing home new fleas from untreated areas but these fleas (after treatment) will not be able to give rise to new pest populations provided cats and dogs have been treated with suitable flea control.

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In all cases, it will be the degree of infestation that determines the amount of fleas you will see after the initial treatment. In some circumstances a second treatment is required – you can contact Ace Eradicators directly on 06 876 0812 or text 027 445 4011.

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