German and American Cockroaches

These types both prefer warm areas, such as fridge motors, hot water cylinders, etc.

Given these conditions an infestation can quickly become significant if left unchecked! A sign that an
infestation has become significant is cockroaches being seen away from their sources of food and
warmth e.g. office next to kitchen, upstairs bedroom, etc.

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In general, Cockroaches eat virtually any animal or plant material whether it be fresh or processed from crumbs and grease to the vegetable gum used in book binding. They are nocturnal so occupants are often unaware of their activity. A female cockroach can carry 40 young with it. When she is stressed she lays the young. Cockroaches take around a month to mature – so ONE MONTH = A SERIOUS PROBLEM! Cockroaches need food, water and warmth – they don’t mind about the state of your house but a cleaner environment will lessen the food source and help the treatment process work more effectively.

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Before Treatment

  • Empty out and clean kitchen cupboards.
Dead cockroach on floor with caution sign pest control service


The Crack and Crevice Process used is designed to have maximum effectiveness i.e. putting the residual insecticide closer to where the cockroaches are harbouraging (often in inaccessible places) including inside kitchen cupboard areas, behind the fridge, oven, etc.

Ongoing Cockroach Prevention Measures Include:

  • Inside:
    • Clean up spills and food crumbs quickly (being mindful not to wipe off the chemical where it has been applied).
    • Empty waste baskets often.
    • Dispose of uneaten pet food.
Pest controler works in the kitchen

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In all cases, it will be the degree of infestation that determines the amount of cockroaches you will see after the initial treatment. In some circumstances a second treatment is required – you can contact Ace Eradicators directly on 06 876 0812 or text 027 445 4011.

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