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If you can remove other spiders there will be no food for White Tails and no reason for them
to come into your home. The White Tail Spider is native of Australia. (Why are so many of our pests Aussies?) They probably arrived here first about 100 years ago and found the conditions to their liking. Whitetails are predators of other spiders. They don't weave a web to catch prey; they actively seek out other spiders and stalk them down. They do however; produce silk in a tangle as a nest. This is often found in warm dark places around the house.

Say Goodbye to Ants with Ace Eradicators Pest Control

Our recommendation for vacating the premises after the pest control treatment, is (2) hours. In the case of those with respiratory problems (e.g. Asthma), allergies and hypersensitivity to chemicals, we recommend a longer period.

Upon your return, open all windows and doors to ventilate the premises.

You may notice a slight odour from our treatment materials.

Where a residual spray has been applied (inside), it is done so to control the remaining insects and also prevent the pests from re-establishing themselves.

white tail control

Say Goodbye to Ants with Ace Eradicators Pest Control

Whitetails produce venom that they use to paralyze their prey by injecting it via their fangs. These fangs are such that the spider can bite humans. That they do bite humans is not in dispute. However, the seriousness of the bite is still controversial. It is accepted that the bite is as painful as a bee sting but there are many people that report more serious reactions including stiffness, headaches and swelling. There are also many reports of ulceration and necrosis possibly caused by infection of the bite either directly from the spider fangs or subsequently from scratching of the wound.

White Tail spiders do not seek to bite us but will defend themselves if they feel under threat. They hunt mostly during the night and hide in dark nooks and crannies during the day. They are often found amongst the folds of clothing, curtains, bed linen, in shoes and other places where we may innocently place our hands or feet. The spider’s natural reaction to this invasion of 'their' space is to bite. And we suffer the consequences.

One adult white-tailed spider isolated on white background. Copy space

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Before Treatment

  • Put ALL towels and toothbrushes away
  • DO NOT leave any food out
  • COVER pillows on beds
  • COVER cots and bassinets
  • COVER children’s toys if they are likely to put them in their mouths
  • ENSURE all pets are out of the premises
  • COVER fish tanks with plastic wrap and a towel and TURN OFF the pump

After Treatment

  • Upon re-entry, once the 2-hour stand down period has passed, you may notice very slight signs of
    residue. To ensure its effectiveness:
  • Wipe down all food preparation areas
  • Wash out hand basins, sinks and baths
  • Delay cleaning of the floor and windows for as long as possible
  • Vacuum the carpet no sooner than 7 days after the treatment
  • Resume activities as normal

Be aware that White Tail Spiders can persist for up to 10 days

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In all cases, it will be the degree of infestation that determines the amount of insects you will see after the initial treatment. In some circumstances a second treatment is required – you can contact Ace Eradicators directly on 06 876 0812 or text 027 445 4011.

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